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The Abel Tasman

The Abel Tasman is a tough yacht, and truly one of a kind. Finished in 1981 she is the last ship ever built by Phoenix BV Westerbroek, a self-taught Dutch boatbuilder, Siep Van Houten, operating out of his backyard. With his perfected steel-craftsmanship and uncompromising attitude to quality, he managed to combine strength with design, without sacrificing the yacht's strong sailing performance. Even in lighter winds one can sense that Sieps's inspiration for the Abel Tasman was the famous Americas Cup-winning schooner “America One”. The Abel Tasman now has an impressive history of visits to the world's most remote places. With several North-West passage transits, Antarctic voyages, and two winters in the Greenland ice, she has proven herself worthy in every condition.

The Abel Tasman is 75 ft long and comfortably accommodates 9 people in 4 bunkbed cabins + 1 extra bed. Down below she is cozy and a great place to spend any downtime. She is an expedition yacht and not a luxury cruiser, with many amenities being simple but resilient. Onboard there are 2 toilets, 1 shower, a kitchen with a gas stove, and a large common area.

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