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Oceans Science, Sailing & Diving Expedition with Dr. Sylvia Earle
& Professor Johan Rockström

At The Adventr Yacht Company, we’re excited to announce a new expedition in the Arctic this summer 2023, on board our 24-metre Bermuda Schooner yacht, the ”Abel Tasman”.

We’re truly honoured to be hosting the world-renowned Dr. Sylvia Earle and Professor Johan Rockström for a once-in-a lifetime experience sailing and exploring in the beautiful Lofoten Archipelago off the coast of northern Norway, above the Arctic Circle at 68° N.


We have space for only 15 guests to join us for this unique 7-day experience, from 12th to 18th August.


The Lofoten Peninsula is arguably the world’s most beautiful archipelago, with its stunning mountains, narrow fjords, deep valleys and white beaches. And beneath the water is a uniquely rich marine ecosystem, allowing divers and snorkelers to experience the full diversity of Arctic marine life.

This adventure is not just about sailing and diving. Each evening, after a full day of adventurous activities, we’ll be holding “deep dive” discussions and debates about the state of the world’s oceans, and exploring ideas and pathways to accelerate scalable solutions. We’ll be discussing Tipping Points and Planetary Boundaries, Arctic ocean systems, marine protected areas and Hope Spots, coral reefs, sustainable seafood technologies, plastics pollution, and deep-sea mining.


As Sylvia famously states – “No Water, No Life. No Blue, No Green”. This 7-day expedition is about adventure, learning, and creating a positive impact for our oceans.

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As our guest, you will have the option of staying onboard the “Abel Tasman” or in our sea-side villas and cabins. Throughout the week we will be based out of our favourite villages along the coast, starting from Reine in the west of the Peninsula and moving east with Henningsvær as our final destination.


We have planned a number of unique and exciting activities for each day of our expedition, and you will be able to choose between exploring by sea from the ”Abel Tasman” or participating in land-based excursions.  


On days 4 and 5 we’ll be visiting the Lofoten Diving Centre in Ballstad. Diving here and receiving insights from “Her Deepness” Dr. Sylvia Earle on species sightings, marine fauna and the Arctic elements of diving is one of our highlights. This is a truly unique opportunity to learn about what vitalises this rich marine environment and how we can protect it, from one of the world's most experienced ocean explorers and champions for marine life on Earth.

If you are not a diver don’t worry! During our stay in Ballstad you will be able to choose between snorkeling trips, hiking, and a sailing excursion to the outer “wild side” of Lofoten as well.


In the evenings we have planned visits to some of the fantastic restaurants on the Lofoten Peninsula, offering some of the best food in Norway!


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