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Sail and Explore Lofoten 2022-23

Our Sail & Explore trip is a vacation executed “expedition style”. This means we set out to find the exclusive experiences an expedition yacht can offer us in a natural paradise like Lofoten, without refraining from restaurant visits and cultural exploration along the coast's fishing villages.


Onboard the crew will keep you well fed for the many activities they will take you on, including hikes, snorkeling, fishing, caving, and midnight sun “sunsets” on the beach. You will also be part of the crew assisting the operation of the vessel while under sail, which is something we will aim to do as much as possible. You will have the opportunity to learn about offshore sailing, and even the physics of aerodynamics for the keen students…


This is a true adventure for anyone curious about sailing and the raw nature of our planet's polar regions!

Day 1

Arrive in the afternoon after 16.00 and get settled onboard the Abel Tasman in Svolvær. We will get to know each other and the yacht, going through safety procedures and the basics of being part of a crew. We have dinner and discuss the upcoming week, looking at potential destinations and current weather conditions, on which our itinerary will strongly depend. If we feel energised after dinner and if the winds are good we might even start sailing that evening.


Day 2 - 6

Depending on weather we will spend these 5 days either exploring the classical dramatic southwestern tip of Lofoten, or the deep eastern fjords and wild northwest “outer” coast of Lofoten. We aim to do most things as a group, starting the day together around breakfast. The crew has great local knowledge and will plan daily activities, which could be anything from known or less-known hikes to having beers in a hot tub. You will also have time to explore on your own, checking out local towns and nature. All meals during the week will be served onboard, though we highly recommend trying one of the typical seafood restaurants!


We usually sail 2 - 6 hours at least 3 of these days and avoid motoring as much as possible. You will then have the opportunity to take part in sailing and learn offshore techniques.


Day 7

On our last day we will be back in Svolvær, where we clean up the yacht together and end our trip sometime late morning.

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Not Included:

☐ Travel to and from the boat

☐ Optional meals ashore (Restaurants, cafes etc.)

☐ Optional onshore activities we might want to do during the trip, such as               museums, guided tours, or renting kayaks.


☐ All boat-related costs such as fuel, harbor fees and spare parts       as well as usage of all onboard equipment.

☐ A personal life jacket for the whole trip

☐ All food and drink that we consume onboard, except optional       beer and wine or other luxuries (Bring your own or ask us stock       up before you arrive)

☐ A bunk bed with a comfy duvet, pillow and bed linen

Getting here:

Svolvær is best reached by ferry from Bodø or by bus from Narvik train station. Arriving by
flight is also possible to the small Svolvær airport or the larger international airport in Narvik. Arriving by car is a possibility as well.


Level of trip:

There are no requirements of previous sailing experience and the Abel Tasman is a very safe and stable vessel, ideal to get introduced to the world of sailing. We are very happy to teach, and hope you will learn a lot about sailing during the trip. However, you should bear in mind that this is not a luxury cruise, but rather an expedition-style adventure where you will be a part of the crew. When we are ashore we will do moderately challenging hikes and excursions, these are optional but we hope everyone will be eager to join.


We will stock up the boat before you arrive with food, snacks and drinks. Most food will be cooked onboard, doing simpler meals while we are sailing and more advanced meals while moored. Cooking and cleaning in the galley will be a shared duty and everyone will take turns making meals. If you have any allergies or specific preferences you have to tell us beforehand so we know what to buy. A few times along the way we will have the possibility to eat at a nice restaurant or cafe.


Safety is our number one priority onboard and we will begin with briefing you about possible situations, the safety equipment onboard, and procedures in case of an emergency. The boat has all the necessary safety equipment onboard and we have inflatable life jackets for everyone. The crew has STCW certificates for safety onboard including fire prevention/extinguishing, first aid and CPR, liferaft-handling, and survival techniques at sea.


Life onboard:

The Abel Tasman is a well-proven expedition yacht, while not a luxury yacht she is a very safe and comfortable home. As on all sailboats, we will be living close to each other. Be prepared to share a cabin with bunk beds and to squeeze in together around the dinner table. We hope you will feel welcome onboard and use all the areas as you would at home. When we are sailing we want you to feel like a part of the crew and as much as possible take part in all the tasks, such as sail-handling, steering, and mooring. At sea everyday tasks are a bit harder than ashore and we will all work together with keeping the boat tidy, cooking, and do dishes. The nights will either be spent anchored in a bay where we have to use the dinghy to get to land, or in a marina of a nice town.

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